Treatment for brittle fingernails

Treatment for brittle fingernails

The unique combination of B vitamins, proteins, amino acids and medicinal yeast has a positive effect not only on the hair and hair cycle, but also on the fingernails. This is because nail growth and hair growth occur under similar conditions.

Pantogar® capsules provides the root of the nail with nutrients and vitamins for healthy nail growth and can rebuild structurally damaged fingernails.

Pantogar® capsules contain active ingredients that help in the treatment of brittle fingernails

  • Cystine is an amino acid that plays a central role in keratin formation. It promotes the growth of healthy fingernails and hair.
  • Keratin is a protein. It forms the main component of the fingernails and hair.
  • B-group vitamins, such as thiamine and pantothenic acid, are indispensable for the metabolism in the skin and its appendages such as fingernails and hair.
  • Medicinal yeast contains a large amount of vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, trace elements and enzymes.

Pantogar® active ingredients

Pantogar supplies the hair with the vital substances that it needs to form new hair cells. And it does this in the exact dosage and combination that can optimally activate hair growth.

Nutritional supply

Patient experiences

Pantogar Hair loss is a very personal issue that many women and men do not like to talk about. But why not? There is no reason to be ashamed of hair loss. The more openly people affected talk about it, the easier it is for other women and men to get their hair loss treated and to put it behind them.

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