Patient experiences

Patient experiences

Pantogar reviews and patient experience

Hair has always been an important means of personal expression and a symbol of vitality and health.

Especially for women, strong, thick and shiny hair is a sign of beauty and attractiveness. Healthy hair has a positive impact on the general sense of well-being.
Here are some personal words from satisfied users of Pantogar® who have told us their story.


NOUR ‘my diet completely affected my hair’

For a long time, I was following a strict diet that led to my hair loss. I suffered from hair loss for a long time due to losing a lot of important vitamins which led to weak and fragile hair.
My dermatologist recommended Pantogar capsules as an effective treatment. I followed the treatment regime with Pantogar as prescribed by the doctor for 6 months and the results were amazing.  I was so relieved when after a few months I noticed how good it was for my hair and that I could gradually feel more and more hair on my head.


MANAL ‘persistent hair loss due to weather conditions’

I live in one of the Gulf Countries where the high temperature, humidity and the harmful tap water inevitably affected the health of my hair and maybe a main cause of the loss. I heard a lot about Pantogar and how it was an effective remedy for hair loss.
I eventually took Pantogar for 3 months and noticed the results from the first month. I was losing less and less hair and I started to see some new hair growth that was helping to fill in some lighter patches.


NANCY ‘hair loss after pregnancy’

I suffered from hair loss after the birth of my second child. Since pregnancy and childbirth affected hormones, it was most probably the reason for my dramatic hair loss. Most of the supplements I tried could not stop it and so I decided to ask a pharmacist what I could try as an effective hair treatment, and he recommended Pantogar.
I took a full 6-month course of Pantogar, trying to strictly stick to the dosage of 3 capsules a day, one with each meal, and noticed the improvement from the first month! That’s what encouraged me to complete the rest of the 6 months. Now I feel totally different, my hair volume increased and it feels great. I even noticed my nails are now growing faster and less brittle.


RAMA ‘I highly recommend Pantogar to my patients’

As a pharmacist, I advise some of my patients who visit me for hair loss and dry hair problems to use Pantogar. Pantogar has been in my Pharmacy for many
years as it’s an effective product. Before recommending it to customers, I read many studies about Pantogar and its components and found that it has unique ingredients that were not found in any other treatments. It also has many other important components to help in the process of growth and pigmentation of hair. I am now happy and confident in recommending Pantogar to my clients.


KHULOUD ‘I love swimming’

As a teenager, I suffered from hair loss due to my swimming hobby and sunny weather. I was always embarrassed from my hair and so I kept my hair short and tucked up the whole time.  I couldn’t face being around people and I couldn’t enjoy swimming at all.  Luckily, I read about a Pantogar for diffuse hair loss, which saved me. I was so relieved when after a few months I noticed how good it was for my hair and that I could gradually feel more and more hair on my head. Now I enjoy summer and swimming again with healthy hair.


MELVIE ‘Stress was the main reason for my hair loss’

There was a point in my life when I suffered from annoying hair loss because of psychological pressure and stress from work. In fact, it was very scary, as I lost a lot of hair. I saw a video of someone talking about Pantogar and decided to try it and see if it could help me. In one month to six weeks of usage, I felt the difference and saw significantly fewer hairs falling out. At first, I was afraid of increased appetite, however, this was never a problem with Pantogar. I was also happy that it only seemed to affect the hair on my head and I didn’t have any issues with body hair. With its regular use, I have regained my hair and confidence

Pantogar® active ingredients

Pantogar supplies the hair with the vital substances that it needs to form new hair cells. And it does this in the exact dosage and combination that can optimally activate hair growth.

Nutritional supply

Patient experiences

Pantogar Hair loss is a very personal issue that many women and men do not like to talk about. But why not? There is no reason to be ashamed of hair loss. The more openly people affected talk about it, the easier it is for other women and men to get their hair loss treated and to put it behind them.

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