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Hair loss is a very personal issue that many women and men do not like to talk about. But why not? There is no reason to be ashamed of hair loss. The more openly people affected talk about it, the easier it is for other women and men to get their hair loss treated and to put it behind them.
Here are some personal words from satisfied users of Pantogar® who have told us their story.


For a long time, I was following a strict diet that
led to my hair loss. I suffered from hair loss for a
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long time due to losing a lot of important vitamins
which led to a loss of vitality, causing my hair to
become weak and fragile and eventually suffered from hair loss.

I consulted my dermatologist and she recommended Pantogar capsules as an effective treatment since they achieved good results with many of her patients suffering from hair problems.

I followed the treatment regime with Pantogar as prescribed by the doctor for 6 months and the results were amazing. Not only my hair loss was lessened, but it also improved the quality of my hair. It became shiny and strong and now has much more volume.

I recommend Pantogar to all my friends, even if they don’t have hair loss problems to help with their general hair health.


I suffered from hair loss for many years,
before I went to see many doctors most of them didn’t
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find a clear cause for the hair loss, and I tried a lot
of products and remedies, but they were not effective
enough.I live in one of the Gulf Countries where the
high temperature and humidity inevitably affect the
health of my hair and maybe a main cause of the loss.I
did research online for a treatment that nourishes
hair from its roots and strengthens it to cope with
surrounding environment factors and found Pantogar
after a lot of searching. There were a lot of users
praising the product and its effective results, so I
decided to try Pantogar myself. I took Pantogar for
3 months and noticed the results from the first month.
I was losing less and less hair, and I started to see
some new hair growth that was helping to fill in some
lighter patches. Thanks, Pantogar!!! 


I suffered from hair loss after the birth of my second child
Since pregnancy and childbirth affect hormones, it was most probably the
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reason for my dramatic hair loss and most of the supplements I tried
could not stop it.I decided to ask a pharmacist what I could try as an
effective hair treatment, and he recommended I try Pantogar.
I took a full 6-month course of Pantogar, trying to strictly stick to the dosage
of 3 capsules a day, one with each meal, and noticed the improvement from the

first month! That’s what encouraged me to complete the rest of the 6 months.
Now I feel totally different, my hair volume increased and it feels like a great
improvement for the look of my hair in terms of glamor and a healthy appearance. I even noticed my nails are now growing faster and healthier too.


As a pharmacist, I advise some of my clients
who visit me for hair loss and dry hair problems.
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Pantogar has been in my Pharmacy for many
years as we know it’s an effective product.
Before recommending it to customers, I
read many studies about Pantogar and its components and found that it has unique ingredients that were not found in any other treatment.

It contains keratin and cysteine, which are the main components of hair follicles, as well as vitamin B, which stimulates hair growth and regeneration of cells. It also has many other important components to help in the process of growth and pigmentation.

After going through all the studies, I’m now happy and confident recommending Pantogar to my clients, and most of them come back after a month because they’re so happy with the results and to buy the Pantogar they need for the rest of the treatment.


I suffered from hair loss because of my exposure
to the sun for a long time due to work conditions.
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Living in the UAE with high temperature and high
humidity also affected my hair. It became weak and flaky.

I tried many hair care products and did not get results.

My co-workers who suffered from the same problem recommended Pantogar to treat hair loss after they tried it and got a perfect outcome.

I took Pantogar for one year, including the 6 months basic course, 3 times per day. The massive hair loss stopped, and my hair density increased. I decided to complete another course for maintenance after my treatment with a dose of one capsule a day to maintain the results and nourish my hair to become more healthy and vital.

I loved Pantogar a lot as it did not only save my hair from falling, but it also gave me a lot of confidence.

I will continue to take Pantogar regularly because I am convinced that healthy hair is based on internal nutrition and not just external care products such as shampoos, oils, and creams.


There was a phase that I suffered from annoying hair
loss because of psychological pressure and stress.
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In fact, it was very scary, as I lost a lot of hair.

I saw a video of someone talking about Pantogar and
decided to try it and see if it could help me.

In the month to six weeks of usage, I actually felt
the difference and saw significantly fewer hairs falling
out. With regular use of Pantogar, I have regained my hair
and am so happy.

I would highly recommend it to everyone, as it is really wonderful.


I used to suffer from a lot of hair loss all over my head.
I heard that this can happen because of the shower water in
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the country I live in since it’s very hard water full of salts
and also from long exposure to the strong sun. One of my friends
that had really good results from Pantogar told me to try it.

Luckily, I found it in the pharmacies on offer to buy one get
one free.

When I started using it after about two weeks I
noticed a difference in my hair, and also my nails. I didn’t
realize I had a problem with my nails, but they seemed stronger
and less brittle after I started Pantogar.

As for my hair,
I noticed that the loss stopped very quickly. It was a wonderful
medicine. By the end of the first month of treatment, I noticed
some new hair that was growing and even my original hair had begun
to noticeably to grow.

At first, I was afraid of an increased
appetite because I had tried many products before that caused me
to gain weight. This was never a problem with Pantogar. I was
also happy that it only seemed to affect the hair on my head,
and I didn’t have any issues with body hair.

I took a dose
of 3 capsules a day as advised and continued the treatment for 6

I noticed my hair started to get stronger and healthier.
After my great experience with Pantogar, I told all my friends with
hair problems to try Pantogar, and they’ve all had amazing results too.


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